The Global Group offers you the specific personalized cleaning plan for your premises or business according to the needs and budgets of the client. We have extensive experience in the international market and a wide variety of high-quality services.

Our services

  • General cleaning outsourcing in offices, buildings, businesses, residential, industries, among others.
  • Treatment and polishing of floors (marble, ceramic, granite, wood, etc).
  • High-rise window cleaning.
  • Cleaning of educational and commercial centers.
  • Fumigation (includes Covid-19)
  • Disinfection of areas
  • Cleaning of commercial and industrial premises.
  • pest control

Benefits/ Bonuses

  • We have a modern and efficient team that allows us to carry out the work in less time, while maintaining the quality of our service.
  • Our uniformed and highly trained staff to provide optimal service.
  • As part of our environmental commitment we have eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • The service is offered to implement recycling campaigns with the support of our staff.
  • We care about our customers, we enable various communication channels to provide the best service.

The Global Cleaning Group is characterized by always looking for technological advances in products or equipment, to reinvent our services and provide the best experience for our customers.

In addition, our products are carefully chosen according to the characteristics of the needs of each client.

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