Global Group International

About us?

Grupo Global was established more than 32 years ago in New York City, USA, from a central company, to later diversify into various commercial activities, in strategic locations around the world.

We have created national and international alliances which allows us to offer first class services to our clients in the Security, Maintenance, Cleaning and Gardening industries.

We make a difference by taking the concept of customer service to the highest level, ensuring quality on all levels and committing ourselves to meeting the satisfaction of our customers, in the many commercial activities that we offer at Grupo Global.


To offer an environment that promotes a sense of well-being and tranquility through security, cleaning, maintenance and gardening services which will allow us to maintain the integrity and functional state of our clients’ buildings.

To be the best provider of security, maintenance and cleaning services through a culture that supports the members of our organization and thus provide exceptional service to our clients.

  • Customer service is our reason for being. We strive to meet the satisfaction of our customers in all the services and activities we carry out.
  • Excellence is part of our tradition in the company. It would be our pleasure to support and be a part of your business.
  • Commitment to society and the environment. We seek to innovate through new technologies to have a low impact on the environment. In addition, we care about supporting the local communities in which we work.


We have constant training programs for our collaborators; they stay updated and have the necessary knowledge to carry out their work, always workingwithin the values of our company.

We have strategic alliances with many other companies and government institutions, which allows us to stay current with the laws and regulations of the states and localities of the countries in which we operate.